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About us

Our Mission

Through our love of discovering the Sultanate’s finest, we coined the term ‘Omanities’ to refer to highly curated luxury products from the Sultanate of Oman. We have cultivated our fondness for the uncommon and unique, the rare and precious, the quirky and interesting, all of which find a home in Oman. Our mission can be summed up thus: We love Oman, we love Omani products, and we seek Oman’s very best items and wish to bring them to you. 


Why Omanities
Because of its relatively uninfluenced position globally, Oman remains one of the last places in the world with truly unique commodities. Oman retains an impenetrable sense of mystery, a powerful fidelity to its culture, and a strong sense of identity. These traits can all be found in items available at Omanities. Our platform gives our customers the opportunity to display their unique tastes and to genuinely distinguish themselves by providing them with rarities they cannot find elsewhere.

Empower Local

The Omanities platform features the craftmanship of Omani vendors. We provide them the tools to market their businesses to a wider audience and allow them to achieve greater entrepreneurial success. In particular, Omanities aims to support local Omani women, who now comprise 80% of the sellers on our website. By providing Omani women with the unique platform to market their business, we empower them and give them wider access to an audience, and greater potential to thrive in our society.

Behind Omanities:

Hatim Al-Taie is the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Al Roya Newspaper, a publication dedicated to promoting Oman’s unique identity. Together with Mohamed N. Bahrouni, a Computer Scientist and Business Developer, they created this new startup, Omanities, to pursue the conviction that Omani treasures need to be seen and appreciated by the world. He devotes his pursuits to his love of the people, traditions, arts and culture of Oman.